Works in Progress

A Fire to Resist

Book # 1 in The Powered series

Word Count: 98K

Genre: YA Science Fiction

In the laboratory, every experimental test subject is expendable—but once Avery’s powers arise she’s determined to be more than another forgotten number.

All Avery—or Test Subject 215—wants is freedom, but to survive means to obey and she can’t seem to submit. With only a hazy memory of life, Avery’s surprised when her powers surface during an experiment—and immediately disappear after her daily medications. She takes advantage when the suppression medications stop, learning to harness her powers. She knows the key to answers is in the cold and cunning Dr. Baring–if she can sneak around without getting caught by her tracking device or guards.

When another rebellious test subject, Rae, attempts to escape and fails, Avery gains a fiery cellmate and confidant with the same goal. The mysterious Rae ignites her determination to fight back, but Avery questions her truthfulness and motives. Avery’s ability to heal herself and alter the five senses around her grows stronger, heightening her gift to avoid guards and manipulate her environment.

The girls break into Dr. Baring’s office discover Avery’s file only dates back nine days, not the many years of her murky memory. Before they can learn more, an experiment is scheduled that pits subject against subject–making Rae her rival. Now, Avery must choose: trust her cellmate or attempt escaping alone. But failing means facing a fate worse than death—life as a subject.


1st Draft: Completed

2nd Draft: Completed

3rd Draft: Completed

4th Draft: Revisions In Progress

A Pure Heart

Book # 1 in Enchanted Fates series

Word Count: In Progress

Genre: YA Fantasy

Weapons are a good accessory even for a Princess but especially for a vigilante—and Ravenna is both.

For two years Raven has snuck out of the castle, far from the empty throne sitting between her and her mother, donned her enchanted cloak and became the Red Hood. But when a thief, Lox, grows an interest in the Red Hood, Ravenna becomes wary for her secret. Too dashing and charming for her liking, Lox has an honest quality about him—one she can’t exactly say she shares.

With princes arriving for a ball to vie for her betrothal, Raven is ready to be Queen, for her duty as Princess—until the brother of a prince she killed years ago arrives asking questions. Her Head Guard had protected her after the assault and covered for her violent defense, not even her mother knows the dark secret. If he can’t make the new prince leave now, then the Red Hood can shut him up. But that night the Red Hood receives a request from the Queen: kill Princess Ravenna and blame Lox.

Reeling from her own mother wanting her dead and the deepness of the Queen’s hidden pain, Raven decides to scare Lox with a plot to frame him and follow his band out of the Kingdom. The cunning thief figures out the Red Hood was hired and offers to help fake the murder and have her and the Princess join his band. Ravenna must keep her two identities separate and overcome her own distaste for thieves to trust Lox and escape her Kingdom—and her mother’s uncovered wrath—alive.

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1st Draft: Rough