Long May She Reign

Long May she reign 2


Rating: 3.5–4 stars out of 5

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would recommend it easily. It was refreshing and had a different take on a royalty-style YA novel.

First off, I want to address the lower rating on Goodreads and why I feel that is. The description on the book gave me a different feeling and idea going in than I ended up with. It gives the feeling that there will be action and adventure, whereas there is mostly Freya’s journey to become a good Queen, learning who to trust, conducting experiments, and solving the mystery of who killed the whole court. Let me make this clear: I was not disappointed at all but led in a different direction than I thought. This book is labeled ‘fantasy’ because it is another world and in an older time than current, it seems, but I would recommend it to people who like:

  • cute but awkward main characters with social anxiety
  • people who would die for their cats
    • yes Freya literally endangers her life for Dagny
  • Female friendships!!
  • slow burn relationships (because YES)
  • science
    • it’s not heavily, it’s just in there and fun!
  • political intrigue
    • again, not heavy but a fair amount of the plot
  • mystery

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