Long May She Reign

Long May she reign 2


Rating: 3.5–4 stars out of 5

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I would recommend it easily. It was refreshing and had a different take on a royalty-style YA novel.

First off, I want to address the lower rating on Goodreads and why I feel that is. The description on the book gave me a different feeling and idea going in than I ended up with. It gives the feeling that there will be action and adventure, whereas there is mostly Freya’s journey to become a good Queen, learning who to trust, conducting experiments, and solving the mystery of who killed the whole court. Let me make this clear: I was not disappointed at all but led in a different direction than I thought. This book is labeled ‘fantasy’ because it is another world and in an older time than current, it seems, but I would recommend it to people who like:

  • cute but awkward main characters with social anxiety
  • people who would die for their cats
    • yes Freya literally endangers her life for Dagny
  • Female friendships!!
  • slow burn relationships (because YES)
  • science
    • it’s not heavily, it’s just in there and fun!
  • political intrigue
    • again, not heavy but a fair amount of the plot
  • mystery

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If you’ve read my About Me, you’ve learned that I am an avid book reader and even a B&N bookseller. I’m buying books (incredibly) faster than I can read them–but I hope to create this blog of book reviews to help readers find their next book or see an honest review. Recommendations are my absolute favorite part of my job, so ask away if you want any!

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