IMAG5027My name is Sylvia Melton and I am many things. Having grown up with a library in my house it isn’t surprising that I became a writer, a bookseller, a Ravenclaw, and a nerd. 

The love of Psychology wasn’t discovered until senior year of high school, but I still earned my BA in Psychology and somehow wrote the first draft of my novel, A Fire to Resist. Though sometimes I wish it was Creative Writing, I love helping people and wouldn’t change my degree for anything.

Five years, two degrees, and many strands of hair pulled out later…I have completed my manuscript and am currently revising it along with finishing another novel.

Four years–going on five–of being a Barnes & Noble bookseller have facilitated my book addiction. I love just about everything nerdy (Legend of Zelda, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, I can really go on and on….) and welcome book recommendations even though a bookcase of to-be-read books calls my name. Perks of being a bookseller: collecting more books than you can read. And I still love to find more.

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