Nerdy & Wordy


If you’ve read my About Me, you’ve learned that I am an avid book reader and even a B&N bookseller. I’m buying books (incredibly) faster than I can read them–but I hope to create this blog of book reviews to help readers find their next book or see an honest review. Recommendations are my absolute¬†favorite part of my job, so ask away if you want any!

I mostly read YA (mostly the Fantasy & Sci-Fi), but I also read other sections of YA, Adult Fiction, Romance, (some) Mystery, and have recently been branching into Science Fiction and Fantasy outside YA. Check out my Goodreads for a complete list.

For fun below I’ve posted pictures of my YA bookcases before I packed them all into boxes *cries* so you can get a feel of my reading tastes.

This blog will probably not be consistently posted, as I work, write books, and we have recently moved. BUT, I hope that it can be helpful and even fun!

Happy reading!



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